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The Gujarat Vidyapith, which Mahatma Gandhi founded in 1920, announced on Tuesday that its governing board has chosen to contact state Governor Acharya Devvrat and request that he be appointed the university’s 12th Chancellor.

RajkotUpdates.News reports say that Governor Acharya Devvrat will be formally invited to the campus of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, which Mahatma Gandhi founded in 1920. The governor has been invited to a celebration honoring the late politician and independence activist Jayaprakash Narayan on his 101st birthday. In 1920, Mahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapeeth, a renowned educational institution.

Purpose of Gujarat-Vidyapeeth

The organization works to enhance education based on Indian cultural ideals and values. The commitment of Gujarat Vidyapeeth to social responsibility and neighborhood improvement is well known.

The Gujarat Vidyapeeth’s celebration of Jayaprakash Narayan’s birth anniversary was projected to be expensive.

At the event, well-known political and social figures spoke, and local artists exhibited cultural works. The event was anticipated to draw large numbers of students, alumni, and community members.

Meeting of the Governing Council of Gujrat Vidyapith

The governing council of the Gujarat Vidyapith had a meeting on October 4. After thoughtful consideration, it was decided to accept Chancellor Ela Bhatt’s resignation and respect her views, according to a statement from the Ahmedabad-based institution.

Additionally, it stated that Ms. Bhatt would hold her position until October 19, 2022. The invitation of Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat to serve as the Gujarat Vidyapith’s 12th Chancellor was also approved by a majority vote, as reported by RajkotUpdates.News.

The governor was invited by a group from Gujarat Vidyapith, according to the announcement. Ms. Bhatt, 89, recently submitted her letter of resignation from her position as chancellor, citing her advanced age, and requested that the trustees appoint a replacement. The Gandhian Institute’s previous chancellor, Narayan Desai, resigned in March 2015, and the Ramon Magsaysay Award winner was appointed to lead the institution.

Summary of Governor Acharya Devvrat’s Invitation

Gujarat Vidyapeeth had extended an invitation to Acharya Devvrat, the state’s governor, to visit the college and interact with the instructors and students. The institution extended the invitation to promote dialogue and academic interaction between the academic community and the government.

During Governor Acharya Devvrat’s visit, students and professors had the chance to interact with a well-known politician and debate a range of issues about education, social welfare, and development, stated RajkotUpdates.News.

Governor Acharya Devvrat’s visit was welcomed by Gujarat Vidyapeeth, which saw this invitation as a significant development. The visit was anticipated to provide an opportunity for the government and academic community to interact and talk about a variety of issues related to social welfare and education.

Gujarat Governor Accepted The Chancellorship Of A Gandhi-Founded University With An Rss Background

On October 11, 2022, Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat announced his intention to succeed Ela Bhatt, a well-known activist and the creator of the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), as Chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi-founded Gujarat Vidyapith.

Governor Acharya Devvrat visited Gujarat Vidyapeeth as part of RajkotUpdates.News to honor the institution’s numerous accomplishments. Gujarat Vidyapeeth, which Mahatma Gandhi founded in 1920, has long been regarded as a prestigious educational institution. 

Gujarat Vidyapeeth’s accomplishments

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is home to the renowned university Gujarat Vidyapeeth. Over the years, this university has made several significant strides and contributions to the field of education.


These are a few of its major achievements:

  • The Gandhian principles of “non-violence” and “self-reliance” have been widely popularized and disseminated, thanks in large part to Gujarat Vidyapeeth. It is one of the few institutes that continues to actively promote Gandhian philosophy.
  • Gujarat Vidyapeeth has worked to give young people in Rajkot and the surrounding areas employment options through high-end technical education, affordable education, and organized skill training programs.
  • The institute also supports conventional forms of art, such as music, painting, and literature, making it a reputable center for cultural studies.
  • It awards scholarships to students who are in financial need, holds medical clinics in remote areas, and sponsors educational initiatives for youngsters from low-income families.
  • In addition to honoring these accomplishments, Governor Acharya Devvrat will also inaugurate new courses on sustainable development that will help Rajkot’s students become more environmentally conscious and civically responsible.

Gujarat Vidyapeeth’s Services in India’s Educational System

Mahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapeeth in 1920, and it has had a significant impact on India’s educational system. Gujarat Vidyapeeth strives to promote traditional Indian culture through its educational initiatives, in addition to offering children a high-quality education. Through its various diploma and degree programs, it has been acknowledged for introducing the ideas of online education, blended learning, and self-development. The university is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to teaching.

It places a strong emphasis on the requirement for pupils’ holistic and balanced development. Additionally, the university promotes interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, and creative thinking.Gujarat Vidyapeeth offers a wide range of excellent educational programs that encompass several areas like research, humanities and liberal arts, technological innovation, healthcare science, entrepreneurship, and management studies, from primary school to postgraduate level.

Ample opportunities for skill development are also provided by the institution through internships with reputable firms like Microsoft India, TCS, and Infosys Technologies Limited in important locations like Mumbai and Bangalore. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Gujarat Vidyapeeth has gained distinction for its efforts to provide students with a high-quality education that emphasizes their overall development.

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